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King's is a lively, Bible-based church, where people matter, God is honored and you would be welcome!



We meet at 10:30 AM. Why not pay us a visit? Find out more details and what to expect by clicking here. We would love to see you on any Sunday, or at any other event advertised here on our site.



We have many small groups that meet all over the city throughout the week. This is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and meet with God on a more personal level. To find out more, click here.



This Sunday we welcome Peter Brooks and Mike Irving from Grace Church Sydney. These guys form part of our Pacific Rim apostolic team.  Peter will be preaching on the subject of eldership, we will join with him and Mike as they lay hands on and pray for our new elders. If you are a member of Kings this is a really important morning for us. If you are looking to visit us this weekend you will be most welcome. Our meeting will start at 1030!

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03 366 3437
Sunday Venue:
Catholic Cathedral College
62 Ferry Road
Christchurch 8011
Church Office:
2-6 Raycroft St,
Waltham, Christchurch 8023